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The problem with email     . . .is that you have to keep dialling-in just to check
Most of the time there's nothing, but you have to keep checking. . . just in case.

In the real-world, where many businesses rely on dial-up connections,
email suffers from a major flaw:

It does not deliver, you have to collect it.

Solution !
fax.co.uk can deliver your email within seconds - to your fax.

Delivering your email by fax isn't just faster - it's more flexible because anyone in your office can deal with it - or they will find someone that can.

You'll need our Rx service - it's easy to setup and can be used for all your incoming email plus orders and enquiries from your web site.

Click on the Rx link to find out how this can work in conjunction with your existing email address to speed up deliveries and make your web site work harder for you.



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