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Corporate Communications...

Is everyone in the company on the 'Net ?
Every warehouse & site office ?
Is everyone 'up to speed' with email applications?
How much time is wasted company-wide checking email and surfing the web?
What about the field sales force, dealers, suppliers & customers ?

They all have a fax & a mobile!

Fax is actually better than email in some cases!

  • it comes out on paper and is routed by a real person
  • faxes can be dealt with by anyone - not just the specified recipient
  • an urgent fax tends to be dealt with faster than an email which is often overlooked

Send email via Tx to any fax or mobile phone.
We can enable you to send email to any fax machine or mobile phone by simply incorporating the number in the email address. This facility can be restricted to individual users, automated scripts or opened up to everyone on your network.

We can allocate an Rx email address of your choice to any fax.
Now every site office and homeworker can have an email address which delivers immediately.

We can also enable your computer systems to send messages to any faxes and phones - automate sending documents from your batch-processes and business applications. SeeAutomateservices.

To reinforce your corporate id we can automatically add your own letterheading to every fax.

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