fax.co.uk - Fast, Reliable, Email Delivery by Fax or SMS for E-Commerce Applications in the Real World

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Web Authors... add value to your services

We can deliver your clients email immediately - by fax or text message !

Offer a service that will be useful to your clients and solves a few delivery problems for your web applications. It may even broaden your client base to those less than enthusiastic about the internet.

Our service can be bundled in with your web maintenance charges to add a tangible benefit which helps you keep in touch with old clients & first in line for any new work.

Enables on-line ordering and other time-sensitive applications without an expensive permanent connection and there's no need for them to constantly check their email.

Works well with 'mailto:' links and form-to-email scripts.

To give your clients fax machines or mobile phones an email address that will accept email from anywhere, see Rx, any number of these addresses can be added to your account.

You can also add authorised email-senders to your account, useful for enabling individuals, whole domains or email-sending scripts to send to any fax or mobile phone. see Tx

Forms can be hosted on our Certified Secure Server and the contents sent direct to a designated fax or mobile, avoiding unsecured email. Alternatively you can use PGP to send encypted email to us from any secure server.


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