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Fast-food demands a fast and reliable means of delivering the order direct to the kitchen, preferably on paper.

fax.co.uk can offer fast delivery of email orders and a range of problem solving options geared towards supporting web sites dedicated to real-time orders.

We're currently delivering orders to establishments offering: Sandwiches / Indian / Pizza / Kebab / Sushi - and of course Fish & Chips !

Usually the order is made on a web-form, you use a form-to-email script to send the order to us, we convert to a fax and deliver the order to you on paper. You can expect the order to arrive in the kitchen in around two minutes including email and fax-tranmission delays.

We can arrange for you to receive another copy by email if you wish - and we can alert you by a message to your mobile phone if your fax machine should fail.

For all this to work you simply need our standard Rx service

For larger chains or specialised fast-food directories you might like to look at our Tx service which allows you to send to any number of establishments.

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