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SMS / Text messages

Speed, reliability (and price!) sets us apart from other services
- we currently charge 7p per message

In the same way as our fax services - we can offer either:

Rx - We give your phone an email address @fax.co.uk
We pack as much of the email as we can into 160 characters and send it to your phone. You'll usually receive your email within 30 seconds.

Tx - you can send email to any mobile phone (or fax) by simply incorporating the phone number into the email address like: '07890 ...@fax.co.uk'



Our Tx service delivers to fax or sms - automatically selecting which path to take, any UK number starting 07... is assumed to be a mobile and the email is sent as an sms. Everything else is assumed to be a fax. So if you're faxing the UK & worldwide or sending text to UK mobiles it's easy.

You can also send an sms to a number that doesn't start 07.. (foriegn mobile numbers for example) by prefixing the number with 'sms-' (This works for most message-pager networks and most non-GSM mobile networks around the world.)

To send an sms to a foreign mobile number use 'sms-234 ....@fax.co.uk'

This also works for sending an sms to a UK landline! For example 'sms-01234 ...@fax.co.uk' sends a message to a regular landline phone - by converting your email to speech and reading it out. The charge remains just 7p/message.



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