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Message delivery for your web applications...

We deliver messages immediately - by fax or text message direct from your on-line applications.

The Tx service from fax.co.uk lets you treat every fax and mobile phone as if they have an email address - this can simplify your application design because you won't have to allow for different delivery methods - just use email.

If your application is generating messages 'on the fly' then the logic goes something like:

Have we got an email address?
Yes - ok use it.
No - have we got a fax or mobile number?
.....ok - add @fax.co.uk and use that as the email address


Of course if the message is time-sensitive you may choose to deliver everything by fax!

fax.co.uk has about 4 years experience in helping you to implement messaging solutions. All our systems were designed and written in-house so custom delivery and reporting is possible. Call us to discuss your requirements.

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