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fax.co.uk can enable your web-directory to provide a contact form for every business listed.

Assuming that you'll have a contact form which will be sent as email or fax...

For a simple solution - you could use a plain html form for each listing - edit each form to have a recipients address 'made up' from their fax number @fax.co.uk - submit the form to any standard form-to-email script and we'll do the rest.

A better solution (and essential for large directories) is to use a cgi script to automatically build the contact form - the task of the script is to generate the html of the form - and include the appropriate email address in a hidden field ready for the form-to-email script. The email address chosen will depend on the contact details in your database, the selection process goes something like:

Have we got an email address?
Yes - ok use it.
No - have we got a fax or mobile number?
.....ok - add @fax.co.uk and use that as the email address


Another solution would be to customise the form-to-email script to do the database access when the form is submitted - only essential if the recipient can be selected from the form. However you may choose this route if you'd like more control over the layout of the email than a standard form-to-email script would give you.

fax.co.uk can return delivery confirmations and error reports to you by email or sms - either to the 'From:' address, a nominated recipient or the first email address in the contents of the form.

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