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Fax Ltd offers communication services based on our own technical innovation.
We were the first commercial email to fax gateway based in the UK. Offering real-time message delivery and using our own systems software we've been delivering email for

Designed to provide fast, reliable delivery and almost unlimited expansion, our systems are based on PC's running QNX®, the leading realtime OS for PCs.

QNX is a lean microkernel surrounded by a group of co-operating processes. This scalable, POSIX-certified Real-Time OS combines hard real-time performance, fault tolerance, and pre-emptive multi-tasking with full memory protection.

Building on the solid base which QNX provides - all our applications software, task scheduling, image rendering - right down to the modem drivers was written in-house which means we are able to respond to your needs by providing custom solutions and support through absolute knowledge of our system.

Our applications take advantage of QNX's transparent network technology and process communication to provide a system which can grow to accomodate any load.

QNX - The Leading Realtime OS for PCs
'QNX' is a trademark of QNX Software Systems.
For more information about the best operating system for
real-time / embedded / distributed / control / communication systems go to http://www.qnx.com
Download the new realtime platform - a complete OS, development tools and GUI - free for non-commercial use

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