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Charges for fax to email:

There is a simple yearly fee for the fax number - there are no further charges - however many faxes you receive.

0871 numbers are charged at £20/year
(UK callers are charge 10p/minute, you cannot receive international calls)

0844 numbers are chargeed at £40/year
(UK callers are charged at 5p/minute, international calls are fine)

0845 numbers are charged at £60/year
(UK callers are charged at 'local rate', international calls are fine)
There are currently no usage charges on 0845 numbers. However OFCOM have been meddling with the rules and we expect we'll have to charge extra if you receive a high volume of calls in the next year or two.
For this reason we're recomending 0844 numbers now.

Charges for email to fax / sms / pager:

We charge £10 to setup your account at fax.co.uk

We charge 10p per minute to deliver faxes in the UK, the whole of Europe, USA and many more countries
One minute minimum, then in 1p increments.
You are only charged for successful deliveries - we retry several times automatically, free of charge
Discounts are available for volume

SMS's are charged at 7p each

Pager messages are charged at 13p each

Each month we charge a minimum of £5
For the whole account - not per user. You could enable hundreds of users on an entire domain for the same price)
The minimum charge covers the first 50 minutes of faxing or 71 text messages

We prefer to charge on a credit card but payment on invoice is available by agreement, terms 30 days
All accounts get a printed invoice in the post for their records

Such as error reports, confirmations, attachment processing, PGP encryption are all free of charge.
The 'cover page' (if it's enabled) can be customised with your own graphics and text to brand the faxes - there is a one-off £50 charge for loading these graphics on our system.

All prices +vat

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