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We send plain text email as 80 column, monospaced text for speed and predictable results.
We add a small graphic header & footer.
(For an additional fee you can add your own graphic header & footer to the page to 'brand' your faxes.

What happens if there's an attachment ?

If you've asked for attachments to be enabled on your account
- and it's one of our supported formats, it will be sent:

plain text files
.htm .html
Comma-delimited data files



If the attachment is not one of the supported types listed above, a note is added to the fax,
something like: "bang.wav (80k) was attached"

Please do not send email or attachments with total size of more than about 500k - This is plenty of space for 20-30 pages at fax resolution - larger files do nothing to add clarity on fax paper and may slow down processing your fax.

If the fax doesn't include the attachments you intended - we only process attachments one-level deep, your email application may be bundling several attachments together, usually this can be fixed by turning off the default html-email mode allowing you to attach the pdf/doc/html or whatever at the first-level rather than buried in multiple layers.
(to turn off html-email in Outlook - tools/options/send/plain-text)



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