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we are the longest established commercial email to fax gateway in the UK

Support is available on our regular UK number during office hours and (as an option on our switchboard to page a member of staff) up to midnight every night

We're currently handling a high volume of sales calls during the daytime so please feel free to use the tech-support option for sales enquiries during the evening, call 01493 393411.

Outgoing email2fax

Our most versatile Tx service can usually be configured to work in almost the same way as your existing service provider - in many cases no changes will be needed to your working practices or applications.

Call for a chat and we'll try to help with your system integration problems. We'll also be happy to quote prices for quantity.

Incoming fax2email

Following very many requests to port numbers from other services to fax.co.uk we are endeavoring to make the process easier. If you already have a number from another provider and would like to move - we need to know the existing fax number so we can check which telephone company provided it (not necessarily the fax-service provider).
The list of telco's whose numbers can be moved continues to grow.

Special Offer - if you have an existing number with another fax-to-email service

Given some proof that you have an existing number with one of our competitors we would like to offer you 50% discount for the first year - hopefully this will give you some time to change to the new number - you could run both numbers in parallel for a while giving you a chance to update your stationary.

Simply email or fax us an invoice or statement from your existing service provider that shows your number to claim your discount.

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