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Reseller / Web Developer Account

Here is some general information for resellers and application developers.

We provide email to fax and mobile phone messaging services.
We concentrate on speed of delivery and reliability to enable you to implement real-time ordering systems.

On receipt of an email for delivery to a fax our processing usually takes less than 4 seconds & we're dialing.
This means that the recipient usually gets the message on paper within a couple of minutes.

Retries are automatic & the delay increases between each attempt.

For plain text email we use an 80-column monospaced font so you can control & predict the output from web forms etc.

We add a small graphic header & footer to the fax which can be changed to your own letterheading to brand the service as your own.

We also support many attachment formats including .pdf .doc .xls

We charge end-users 10 pounds setup then:
FAX - 13p/minute (1 minute minimum, then in 1p increments)
SMS - 7p each
Each account is subject to a 5 pound minimum monthly charge which covers about 38 one-minute faxes or 71 SMS messages.

fax.co.uk delivers worldwide, in many cases for the same price as the UK included in this rate are:
Australia Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Hong Kong Ireland Italy Japan Netherlands New Zealand Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland UK USA Chile Israel South-Korea Portugal Singapore Taiwan

Email to Fax... Rx (receive-mode)

An email addresses @fax.co.uk which automatically delivers to a nominated fax number.
Use anywhere that you'd use a 'normal' email address, mailto links, web forms etc or forward to the fax.co.uk address from your clients own-domain email address.

Email to Fax... Tx (transmit-mode)

Send to any fax by simply specifying the fax number in the email address.
Useful for developers to automate messages from web-applications, directories etc.

Either of the Rx or Tx options can also be used to send messages to mobile phones via SMS

PGP encrypted Email to Fax For e-commerce applications our PGP option allows you to use any of the freely available form-to-PGPemail scripts to send us encrypted email. We convert the message into plain text and deliver it by fax, there is no extra charge for using PGP.

AGENTS - the simplest way for you to profit or add value. We charge a £10 setup fee. If you have a number of clients who need our services, with our agreement you can bill them for the setup fee yourself (or give them a free setup). Pass their details to us and we'll sign them up with no further setup charges.

RESELLERS - offering fax delivery to your clients.
We have no problem with you reselling our services - simply sign-up for a standard account which includes up to 5 users, more can be added for £10 for each block of 5 users. Discounts are available on the call charges based on the call volumes. There's still only one 5 pound minimum monthly charge - for the whole account, however many users.

What you charge your clients is entirely up to you, a fixed amount or dependent on usage. We recommend resellers charge a setup fee and a minimum of 5 pounds per month, more for heavy users - they don't mind because they are getting more enquiries!
Leave yourself the option to charge for excess calls or increase the fixed charge dependent on the call volume. Most of our resellers charge 5 to 10 pounds per month.

Shortly the control panel will give you reports that will enable you to bill by the call if necessary but a minimum charge cuts down on your paperwork and ensures some income each month.

Bundle this service in with your monthly web-maintenance charges to add value, keep in touch with clients & first in line for any new work.

10 users charged at £5/month, you get 10x5=50 pounds per month, typical call charges around £15 - you make 35 !

In essence - you can add a popular service without costing a great deal. A handful of customers & it begins to pay for itself, more & you'll profit nicely. Whilst this isn't a get-rich-quick scheme it does add a service which will be useful to your clients, it solves a few delivery problems for your web applications and may broaden your client base to those less than convinced about the Internet.


For a small subscription charge you can shortly have access to an on-line control-panel where you can configure your clients accounts and get up to date statistics and view real-time message status.

Resellers can also brand the service with their own letterheading on the faxes for an extra one-off 50 pound fee.

Our service is not just for those without email - 80% of our end-users also have web and email access. They use our service to avoid fruitless calls to their ISP and to speed up reception of orders & enquiries.

A growing trend seems to be companies that are reluctant to give their employees access to the Internet - but still want to process email enquiries and orders.

WEB DEVELOPERS use our services to send email to any fax or mobile telephone by simply specifying the recipients number in the email address. Again a normal £10 account setup covers up to 5 users - you only need one of these to be a Transmit-Mode user-id for your applications and scripts to send to any fax, worldwide.

Of course discounts are available for quantity.

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