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Process Automation - Scripts, Batches etc

fax.co.uk offers a way of integrating your internet applications with mobile phones and fax machines - with no changes!

Assuming your website or internet-application has the ability to send email - then faxes and mobiles can become recipients of the information simply by treating them as if they all had a simple email address. 'Make up' the email address using their number@fax.co.uk.

This can be done 'on the fly' by scripts or 'hard wired' into databases.

For instance:

Need to send an alert to a mobile phone? - look up the mobile number in the database, generate an email to that number @fax.co.uk

Need to integrate an automated email-sending script with a few customers that prefer a hard copy?
In the database field that specifies their email address - use their fax number and add @fax.co.uk - your application sends an email - they receive a fax. You've made no changes to your application!

A Tx-mode id at fax.co.uk allows you to treat every fax or mobile as if it had an email address - simplifying your database and processing because you can treat all email, mobile and fax in the same way.. email!

All our usual attachment formats and reporting facilities are available and almost every aspect of our service can be configured or modified to fit. All our software is developed in-house so you can be assured that we know our systems inside-out.



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