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Rx (Receive-mode) Receiving your email on a fax or mobile phone.

We can give your fax machine or mobile phone an email address of your choice @fax.co.uk

Any email sent to your address @fax.co.uk is delivered promptly to the phone or fax number that you choose.

You'll need to open an account with us, select an email address @fax.co.uk and tell us the number to deliver to.

We charge £10+vat to setup an account.
(One account can serve several users, although if you're looking at lots of recipients you really need to be looking at our Tx service)

Then we charge monthly for the services that you use:
SMS / Text messages are charged at 7p each.
Fax-calls are charged at 10p per minute.
One-minute minimum, then in 1p increments.

There is a £5 minimum charge each month

A typical enquiry/booking/order on a web-form faxes in a minute - so for £5/month you'll get up to 50 enquiries delivered to your fax machine

All prices +vat

Before putting an email address (or form that sends email) on any web site read this tip to minimise your risk of receiving spam. Make sure your web author does something similar to this to protect your email address.

We can also filter messages based on your subject line, so if your form puts a consistent keyword or phase into the subject we can filter your email to ensure we only deliver genuine messages to the fax.


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