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SMS Replies

If you send messages using our email-to-sms service
you now have the option to receive replies by email...

Your email to a mobile:

To: 07..... @fax.co.uk
From: jane@ocp.2010com
Subject: Meeting this Friday

Hi Fred - can you make it ?

Omni Consumer Products



Displays this text on their phone:

Meeting this Friday Hi Fred - can you make it? Regards Jane
Omni Consumer Products


If they reply:

no probs - 11am as usual?


Results in this email in your inbox:

To: jane@ocp.2010com
From: 07..... @fax.co.uk
Subject: Re: Meeting this Friday

no probs - 11am as usual?

>>To: 07..... @fax.co.uk
>>From: me@wherever.2010com
>>Subject: Meeting this Friday
>>Hi Fred - can you make it ?
>>Omni Consumer Products

Your original email is included to remind you what they
are replying to - in emails usual latest-at-the-top order.

Notice their reply comes to you in an email 'from' 07... @fax.co.uk
so it's in the right format for you to simply hit 'reply' on your
email application if you want to send a message back.
Remember that you're sending a short text message.
Your email application will automatically copy the contents
of this email into your reply, delete everything you don't
want to send to the phone. Keep your reply very brief.
It must fit within a standard single text-message
(160 characters)

If your outgoing emails are automatically generated - you can use
the mobile number in 'from' to tie-up the reply with your records .



The sms replies service is optional - each message is priced at our standard 7p
There is no setup charge, it's available on request.

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