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Email address examples - specifying the fax number...

A Tx id at fax.co.uk enables you to send an email to any fax machine or mobile phone.
Simply email your message to us and our automatic system will deliver it for you.

Of course you will need to specify the number, simply include it in the email address that you're sending the message to. For instance:


Email addresses should never contain any spaces but if you wish you can use dots and dashes to make it more readable. They will be completely ignored if used in the fax number:


You can even specify the recipients name in the email address if you wish, again there must be no spaces in the address so use dots instead:


This will result in a fax that says: "Fax To: Fred Smith"
Remember the name (if used) must be before the number and the name itself must not contain any numbers.

International numbers can be specified, use a '00' prefix as if dialling from the UK:
(This example uses the code '33' for France)


Or the usual international format with a plus sign:


Or simply forget any international access codes and start with the dialling code for the country


Of course you can also combine international numbers with names:



The format of these addresses is quite flexible if you follow these simple rules.

  • No spaces anywhere in the address, use dots instead
  • If specifying a recipients name
    • it must appear before the number
    • there must be no numbers in the name, they may be confused with the fax number.

Email messages sent to faxes in this manner will say:

Fax To: the fax number or recipient name if specified
Email From: your name (your.address@whatever.domain)
Subject: your subject

Here is the text of your email message the text of your email message the text of your email message the text of your email message the text of your email message the text of your email message the text of your email message


In addition it's good idea to avoid other odd characters in the address, particularly '&' or brackets, some email systems will not tolerate them.

All mobile numbers in the UK start 07... any messages sent to a number starting 07 in the UK will automatically be sent via SMS / Text message. So in the UK you don't have to do anything special to send SMS or fax - it will decide automatically which method to use.

One exception is 076... these are pagers, in which case your message will still be sent to the pager, but they must have a suitable message pager on a current contract (not the type that have no monthly fee but the calls to the pager are at premium rate, we don't support these and the message will not be sent)

To send messages to mobile phones and pagers outside the UK... (or those with a foriegn mobile number roaming in the UK)

You'll have to indicate in the email address that you'd like the message to go as an SMS rather than a fax simply prefix the number with 'sms-' something like: sms-01.234.123456@fax.co.uk

(Please note: this does not apply to British mobile phones that are roaming abroad - just use the UK number as normal.)


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