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Secure email

Assuming that you want to send the contents of a form hosted on a secure server...

First you'll need to understand how to use a form-to-email script

Then you'll need some secure web space on a server to host your form and this server should also have PGP available for your use. Most ISP's offering secure services can arrange this.

You'll need a 'Form to Email' cgi script to process your form and turn it into an email. There are many such scripts available but in this case you also want it to send the email through PGP so select one that can do this for you.
Here's some that can: simplesecure soupermail pgpmail

PGP messages are encoded so that only the intended recipient can decode them.
To do this you'll need to load the recipients 'Public Key' into your PGP software, it's a simple text file which you can copy & paste into the appropriate place, ours is available on the link below.

Once your PGP software is setup with our public key - any email you send to us will be encrypted and the information contained in it should be safe.

If it's working you should see the encrypted email on the faxes we deliver - they should be unreadable!

The final step is to ask us to enable PGP on your account which will decode the message before sending it to the fax.

There is no extra charge for using PGP - just ask us to enable it on your user id's.


Here's our Public Key - it's just a text file that you will need to configure your software to send encrypted messages to us.

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